Looking for something fun (and cheap) to do with the kids on Easter? MapQuest.com tells me they are trying to make your egg hunt egg hunt a little easier this year by displaying all the Easter egg hunts in your area with an egg icon on their maps. All you have to do to find egg hunts is call up a map of your location and click the new Easter egg icon on the toolbar. (See it there on the right in this screen?)

Egg icons will show up all over the map leading you directly to the egg hunt of your choice. Unfortunately, there were no egg hunts listed in my town. (And this is the egg-hunt happiest town I know.) And there were only a few listed in other cities I searched. But it’s a cute idea. Maybe more people will list their egg hunts next year.

This is a weak transition, I know. But if, while you are out driving around looking for egg hunts, you find you need a phone number, you can stop paying those absurd rates your cell phone carrier charges for directory assistance –RIGHT NOW! Plug one of these phone numbers into your phone and get that number for free from now on.

Goog-411 (1-800-GOOG-411 or 1-800-466-4411. This service rocks and is completely free. It’s an automated, voice-operated system so you can call it from any phone. I plugged it into my phone’s address book as “411” so it’s as easy for me to use as the old system ever was. (I plugged it into my husband’s phone, too so he would have no excuses.) I just tell the guy who answers what city I am in and the business I’m looking for and he finds the number and connects me lickety-split. He doesn’t charge a dime. Remember when a quarter seemed a lot to pay for directory assistance? My cell phone carrier charged $1.95 (last time I checked) to look up one number. Ouch! I have been using Goog-411 for ages and it’s always accurate and helpful. I love calling it through the GPS in my car. The GPS uses Bluetooth to dial through my cell phone and connects me to the business I’m calling via the speaker in the GPS. Safe, convenient, cool.

Last week, though, I got a note from Casey who works for 1-800-FREE411, which she calls the “leader in free directory assistance.” I have never used this service so I’m going to let Casey tell you about it. “Since we started in late 2005, we have saved Americans over a billion dollars,” she says. “Paid 411 calls can cost up to $3.00 for every call you make (depending on the carrier) but 1-800-FREE411 provides listings for free. We are free because we are ad supported. The consumer hears two, 10-second audio advertisements while we get the number they request. Advertisers (local and national) pay for audio space which offsets the costs to the consumer so that the service is FREE. Usually, the ads are highly interactive (sometimes offering promotions or discounts) and are geared toward the listing request.”

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  1. I have used the Free411 a lot. It is great, and it has indeed saved me a chunk of money. I can use the service from my cell phone, and it doesn’t cost me anything but minutes. The ads don’t bother me as they are short. This is a great service, and one I am glad I found out about last year.

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