A Free Pair of Flip-flops?

I like to use my technology to send me little daily reminders about my larger life goals. (In fact, I wrote a longer piece about some of the tools I use for this for Family Circle a while back.) So when the folks at The Well Daily reached out to tell me about their site focused on this idea of daily wellness advice, I signed up. Now I get emails full of handy tidbits of advice. Not all of them have smoothie recipes — though one of those inspired me to change up my morning smoothie recipe — some even offer tech advice.

Want to sign up AND get a p[air of flip-flops? Click right here and use the promotion code “GeekGirlfriends.“ You pay $5.95 for shipping for the flip-flops (Any smart shopper knows you can get a comparable pair at Old Navy but…this is probably easier and these show off your membership to The Well Daily.)