A couple of Minty gifts

Remember when I was pestering Mint.com for an Android app? Well it worked! The company released it! And it’s free. I have been using the app for about a week now. And it does exactly what I hoped it would: gives me instant access to my budget wherever I am. (Well, not in the shower because then my phone would get wet. But you get the idea.) It’s in the Market now. So, all you Android-using, Mint.com lovers, go get ours. For the rest of you, I offer this (above) silly, epic tale of debt and redemption made by the folks at Mint. (I’m not quite sure what sort of cultural, economic statement it is trying to make when getting out of debt wins the hero a woman (!) but I’m trying not to over-think it. Trying….)

Sit your teen down in front of it for a parable-level lesson on the necessary evils of credit. (But say something about that whole woman-as-commodity/reward scenario because that’s just wrong. But let’s not over-think it.) And watch it yourself as a reminder of why you should probably not go shopping at Zappos. (Maybe there is a parallel story of a woman who gets into debt and becomes the reward? No. That’s probably a bit dark. I’m over-thinking it, aren’t I?)


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