A Case for Your Tablet (Giveaway!)

Remember when tablets were expensive and it was rare to see anyone sporting one? That is so last year. According to IDC, 52.5 million units sold worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2012. And that means everyone has one. (Well, you know what I mean. Lots of people do. You probably do.) But don’t they all look the same? Except for that Garnet Red Galaxy Tab II, which I — absurdly since I have two tablets — covet. Personally, I would like to see all of those identical tablets sporting a cute case that says, “Mine!” The world would be prettier and more interesting. And I wouldn’t get my tablet mixed up with yours. (Though mine does have a cute case on it so…)

Here are some I like. The bit about how this is a giveaway is at the end.

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OutofPrint eBook Covers


Awesome. Created by a bookbinder, these turn your tablet  into something that looks like your favorite classic read. So instead of carrying something exactly like the person in line behind you, you’ll be saying (without actually saying anything), “Anthony Burgess is awesome — though A Clockwork Orange was a bit dark for such a respected James Joyce scholar, don’t you think? — and this is what that horror show book looked like when Penguin issued it in soft cover in 1972. I know this because I do actually read books on this tablet.” There are lots of other book covers to choose from if Burgess is not your man. Fits iPad 2/3/4, Nexus 7, Kobo Glo and Kindle Fire 7″ (1st/2nd gen, not HD)

DodoCase Artist Edition

$65 (for iPad)

Beautiful, classy, and fabulously functional, these cases will transform your tablet. First off, that tablet will look old-school awesome — like a cherished book with a cover created by an artist and for a cause you like. Second, it will protect your case so you can toss it in a bag with an easy mind. But best of all, it will help it to stand up on a table so you can see the screen without holding it. DODOcase makes lots of wonderful cases. You can even design your own case at their site. But I like this artist series. You can find cases for all the iPads and many other tablets at DODOcase.com.


Jack Spade Striped Cover for Kindle Paperwhite, Red / Navy,


This simple, graphic cover would make a great gift for a man. But I like it, too. It fits Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, and Kindle Touch.

Kate Spade Pebbled Leather Kindle Fire Case


This case is a pretty pale blue leather. And — if these things matter to your — it says Kate Spade on it. It’s too rich for my blood at $99 (that’s half what a Kindle Fire costs) but it’s pretty and some people really like that designer name on things.

WanderFolio for Kindle Fire


I love this case that also serves as a wallet. It’s not that much bigger than a woman’s big wallet but it also keeps your Kindle safe. The Kindle snaps into a plastic cradle and closes with and it sports a secure elastic closure. Beauty is in the details.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Tablet Cases

$40 and up

These cases – for most tablets – are so sweet! They are covered in candy and come from a candy store. Bright enough to find in your biggest bag and sure to make you smile. Who doesn’t need a little sugar in their day?

Silk Road by Keka


Snap your iPad into this Boho beauty to protect it. And it will no longer blend in with the masses of bland. It will also serve as a stand. If by some awful (unlikely) chance you show up at a party where another fashionista’s tablet is wearing the same dress, don’t worry. You can have your name printed on yours ($10) to really make it scream, “Mine!”


Casemodo Custom Case

$75 and up

If printing your name on someone else’s design doesn’t cut for you in the screaming, “Mine!” department, go to Casemodo.com and upload your own design. Maybe you want to brand your Web site or business by giving all your employees a custom cover for their tablet? Or maybe you have art of your own you want to show off. Either way. Go make the world more beautiful.

The Giveaway: I have a few of these covers to give away. But which ones? Only one way to find out. Come to GeekGirlfriends.com and sign up for my newsletter. (If you are already here, look to the right; the sign-up form is there.) I’ll pick some random names over the next two weeks. If you get picked, I’ll send you an email.

3 thoughts on “A Case for Your Tablet (Giveaway!)

  1. Hi Christina!

    Yes, that was the case on Radio Shack that I saw. I thought it was fun, and it fit right in with some of the ones you were suggesting. Radio Shack had some other good cases, but that particular one caught my eye.

    To answer your other question, Llamagraphics (which is me and Stuart) are still doing what we do after nearly 20 years in mobile software! We are taking on some local Drupal web consulting work too when we see a project that we like.

    I had to take some serious time “away” from the business to take care of things when my mom passed. After clearing out two houses, we moved ourselves, three species and the business to a new place in Rhode Island. Life Balance really helped me to do it without going nuts, (well, maybe just a wee bit nuts!) It is still an app that works remarkably well in a pinch when the trail of breadcrumbs gets scattered and otherwise hard to follow. The move has been a worthwhile change for us—a positive outcome created from a sad circumstance.

    No immediate plans for Android or Windows 8 mobile, sorry about that. Our targets for Life Balance are iOS, Mac and Windows. The current iOS layout is for the iPhone. We are working on a native iPad version, which is looking more real to me every day.

    Cheerful regards to you! I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Catherine! Nice to hear from you. Are you still at Llamagraphics? Any plans for an Android, Windows 8 RT, or Windows 8 mobile app there? I’d love to use Life Balance again but I want to use it on one of the mobile devices I have in my purse. (I do have an iPad but…).

    Is this the case you saw? Cute.

    What tablet do you have? I’ll bet I have something here that you would like.

  3. Yesterday, I saw a cute case at Radio Shack, of all places. It looked like one of those black and white Composition Notebooks, including ruled lined “paper” for the interior lining. I thought that was a clever idea.

    Nice to see your favorites! I think my boring gray case may need to be replaced with something a bit snazzier! Thanks for your suggestions!

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