A Beautiful Gadget Bag

I carried my (original) Kindle halfway around the world last week in this adorable bag ($25) from Borsa Bella Design Company. I absolutely adore it. I tuck my Kindle into it and tuck the bag into my big carry-on bag. It’s then easy to grab it when I’m boarding a flight. I could feel people looking enviously at my pretty, functional system for having hours of reading entertainment on the plane.

But I can also just grab the bag and head to a café. It has enough space to tuck a credit card and my cell phone in for a quick get-out-of-the-house, me-time escape.

In fact, this bag is so pretty that it made the neoprene Suma case that I keep my netbook in – in the same carry-on — look shabby. Now I’m coveting Borsa Bella’s Kindle DS bags, which also fit a 10″ netbook. There are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from….Which one to choose?

You can find all of Borsa Bella’s bags at Etsy too.