Facebook and Love

Have relationships gotten more complicated in the era of Facebook? Check out this retro dating advice video created by the folks at Big Fuel. (I posted it originally for Valentine’s 2010 but it’s still just as dated as ever.)

You’ll laugh. But you might also pick up a couple of pointers. I mean, what girl hasn’t wanted to start a hate group about a guy who dumped her? (Apparently this is childish?) And the temptation to post those photos he asked you to take of him trying on your underwear is something you should resist? Who knew?


2 thoughts on “Facebook and Love

  1. A classic! Love the takeoff on the “Mr. Bungle” health videos of the 50’s!
    Great stuff!

  2. It’s so tempting to talk bad about someone that broke your heart on Facebook…but restrain yourself. You will feel so bad about it later if you do. 🙂 This video is cute though. It shows how social media has become so ingrained in every aspect of our lives.

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