5 Best Mobile Games for Anxiety

Here Are 5 Mobile Games — Mostly Free — To Calm Your Nerves

best mobile games for anxiety
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If you’re like me and have crippling anxiety that destroys your happiness, you’ll love my pick of the best mobile games for anxiety that you can play on your Apple or Android phone.

I’ve always had idle hands and nothing to do with them until I discovered simple mobile games that allowed me to fidget and focus, which relieves my stress. Each gives me a few minutes of anxiety-reducing distraction that helps me chill. 

For example, when I’ve had a hard day and need a pick-me-up, I’ll fire up BitLife and begin a new life as someone else, someone who actually can go outside. Or if my anxiety is acting up and my hands are restless, instead of obnoxiously drumming my fingers, I’ll pull up Roller Splat! and feel my anxiety ebb away until I achieve a perfect state of blissful numbness.

All this anxiety and stress relief is always just one (or two) taps away. The best part, though? Most of these games are free.

In a time of disease, panic, and bad news, turn off the news, ignore social media, and give yourself a few minutes of ignorant bliss.

Roller Splat!

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This is — for me — the best mobile game for anxiety. It is my number one choice for combating my relentless anxiety. It gives me something to focus on while occupying my hands. 


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Another great game for relieving anxiety and stress, you throw paint at a giant orb! The objective is to make the floating shape one solid color. Kind of like a modern, modified Rubix cube.

Sort it 3D

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This one has the same basic concept as the previous two. But hey? Who doesn’t love having options? You’ll be sorting colored balls into what I’m assuming are test tubes, and you’ll be calm (and a pro) in no time. 


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This is an all-time favorite of mine, the best way to describe it is in the name: Life simulator. Work got you down? Life ultimately not going your way? Don’t worry! You can start a new life! Right here in this game.

Virtual Families

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This one is a classic. Tired of your boring, same-old family? Me too, that’s why I play Virtual Families. Control your family like you’ve dreamed of doing for years! 

Monument Valley

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Now this game has it all; it’s pleasing to the eye, you solve puzzles, and you end feeling calm, in control, and all-around accomplished.

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