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Okay, you all know I’m a fan of, right? But there is one little thing that has bugged – till today — me about it. If I write a check, I have to write that down somewhere and remember about it till it clears my bank before it shows up in my budget on Mint. I don’t live so close to the bone (anymore) that I bounce checks over this lag. But it does mean that when I am neatly categorizing things to see where my money went, I have to think about checks that haven’t cleared yet and look up those that have cleared if I can’ remember them in order to that expense correctly because Mint often just call it “Check” and puts it in uncategorized expenses. It’s not a big deal but it’s a bit annoying. In fact, it has caused me to avoid writing checks (or using cash.)

Why did it stop bothering me today? Because Mint launched a way to enter checks – and cash expenses — as you write them this morning. So now when I pay the music teacher by check, I can make a note of it right on Mint from my netbook. If you subscribe to the cash-only school of budget keeping, you will love this feature because not only will it let you track that cash as you spend it, it will deduct what you spend from your last ATM withdrawal so you can see at-a-glance if everything is adding up. (Especially handy if you have a teen who likes to swipe the occasional $20 from your purse.)

What could be sweeter than this? An Android app so I can do all this from my phone!

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4 thoughts on “Minty Fresh

  1. Talking the Android app into being! That’s what I’m doing. They say, “Soon.” So I’m just poking a little.

  2. That’s AWESOOOOMMME!! I’ve been using Mint and that has bugged me about it too…how wonderful that FINALLY a program comes along that really does let you keep track of ALL your finances in one place. Believe me, I need it LOL! I also have an Android phone, is the app actually available yet, or are you just talking it into being?? As always, thank you for sharing and doing what you do…have a great Tuesday!

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