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My Charger Dilemma? Solved.

You have no idea what I go through when it comes to chargers. In an average week, I get five gadgets to try out. Every single one comes with its own charger. Once in a while, the charger is marked with the name of the product it belongs to. I love that! But it is rare. There should be a law requiring adequate charger labeling. As it is – and this is a little embarrassing to admit publicly – I have a label printer on my desk that I use mostly for printing sticky labels for chargers. Even with that compulsion, I have an enormous box of orphaned chargers I don’t know what to do with. I’m thinking of opening a small electronics power supply store. Except that would be very boring way to spend my day.

I have no idea how many devices I have returned with the wrong charger — or no charger at all.  So I would like to take this opportunity to issue a blanket apology to anyone who has loaned me a gadget only to receive it back with no charger. Did I do that to you? I’m sure I still have it! Ping me. I still have all of them — except that one the rabbit chewed. You aren’t getting that one back, I’m afraid.

All that mess and confusion is why I love the iDapt i4. (pictured above.)

It plugs into the wall and sits on a table. The little adapters — it comes with one for pretty much whatever you have — pop in and out easily. Or you can plug a USB charger into the side. (That works very well with the Aviiq Ready Clips in my Five Bargain Things post.) And you can turn it off to stop the vampire power drain when your gadgets are all charged.

Here is a video of how it works.

So I got one in to try, I plugged it in and now I don’t have to hunt around, snake cords from the wall to the table, or care what charger goes with what. It doesn’t have some fussy mat that requires I dress my phone in a goofy outfit all the time just so it will work with the charger. I just set this on the kitchen counter and put the box of extra adapters in a drawer. And now I can charge anything. It even looks good on the counter. I want one in the kitchen, one in my bedroom, and one on my desk. And then my charger problems would be permanently solved. I’d just never take those chargers out of the box at all!

Two unexpected perks:

1. My kids’ friends love it. They show up with dead phones, find the right plug, and charge up so they can call Mom. (No excuses at my house!) I didn’t even have to show them how it works.

2. I can always find my Bluetooth headset because I stick it on this thing when I take it off. Not only can I find it, but it’s charged when I do.

Comes in great colors. $60 at iDaptWeb.com


  1. Bought one of these chargers through Amazon ( the shipping was way cheaper) . It works great, gets rid of all those ugly cords, and looks good.

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