hysteria geek still

A Geek Girl’s Guide to an Awesome Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, romance was something geeks could only dream about. Made socially unacceptable by a propensity to be overly enthusiastic about technology, we geeks of yore were social outcasts. In those olden times, we kept our geekiness quiet…

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We Have a Winner!

Adam won my Windows Phone 8X by HTC giveaway and he is — not surprisingly — super happy about it. Congratulations Adam! Thanks to everyone who played. If you didn’t win — or missed the giveaway altogether — be sure…

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my mustang

Build a Mustang. Get Facebook for your Flight

If you find yourself bored on a flight before November 18, (and have a computer with you), you don’t have to ante up the $12.95 for in-flight Internet just to mess around on Facebook. There is a way to get…

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Hello Consumer Electronics

I’m in Vegas – along with everyone else in the consumer the electronics industry – ready  to get a peek at the gadgetry that will be appearing on store shelves in 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show show. I had…

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A Safety Jacket for my Phone

Ever since I first covered an Otterbox phone case here two years ago, I have wanted one of these protective cases for my own phone. But, not being an iPhone user, I have been – till recently – forced to…

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eBooks Everywhere

  There were lots of new eBooks on display at CES. A good thing, I think. And some of them were darn cute – and clever. No one is offering to get you into an eBook for less than $200…

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Why Does Technology Change So Fast?

I attended a surprisingly entertaining Keynote address given by Paul Ottellini (above, not wearing 3D glasses) of Intel at CES last week. Even if keeping up with processors isn’t your thing, it was an entertaining and informative show – complete…

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An Electric World

Yesterday – at CES – was a madhouse. It started out badly, with me missing the Intel press conference where the company announced a new family of processors that will bring the sort of computing power Hollywood harneses to your…

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Viva Las Vegas

I’m in the air on my way to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where my biggest problem right now is working out how to attend a half dozen parties at the same time. I’ll probably manage. There was…

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A Beautiful Gadget Bag

I carried my (original) Kindle halfway around the world last week in this adorable bag ($25) from Borsa Bella Design Company. I absolutely adore it. I tuck my Kindle into it and tuck the bag into my big carry-on bag….

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