Netiquette COVER

Social Media Making You Crazy? Remember the Rules.

Here is a guest post, with some basics you can share with with your kids, parents, or anyone in your social networks who might need a reminder, from Scott Steinberg author of the new book, Netiquette Essentials: New Rules for Minding…

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brandy sketching

Review: Wacom Bamboo Slate

This is a guest post by synesthete artist, GeekGirlfriend, and bon vivant Brandy Gale. A digital sketchbook that uses real ink and real paper? Yes, please! I am a visual artist. So I when I make notes and drawing studies I prefer…

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Swirl Razor

My Daughter Tries the High-Tech Venus Swirl™ Razor

This is a sponsored post. Thank you Gillette Venus for supporting my blog! The race to get out of the house and into traffic so we can crawl slowly to my daughter’s first-period class is behind us, our coffees are secured in…

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Did You Leave Your Phone in a Hot Car?

I know you love your dog and would never leave her in a hot car. But maybe you haven’t admitted that you love your phone? Okay, fine. But denial, is no excuse for cruelty. Smart phones are getting more durable…

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A Month of Free Yoga and a Yoga Giveaway

Need a little “me” time? Trying to squeeze more exercise into a busy life. Me too. I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga lately. It’s crazy. But I’m turning into one of those crazy hot yoga people I once mocked. I wish, though, that I…

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The Women of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

If you read and enjoyed The Technologist (or even if my review made you think briefly about putting it on your Kindle) — or if you are a woman or know a woman who works in one of those male-dominated…

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annette hands

Have Fun Watching People Build Stuff

Before I got married, I shared a house with my BFF Annette. She is a builder — maker, tinkerer, creator, artist. She has an art degree so she calls this obsession sculpture. But it is clear to all of us who know…

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What Women Want

    I have been invited to speak to a group of graduate female students majoring in information technology at Carnegie Mellon University this month and I’ve been combing through my book remembering the conversations I had with the amazing women…

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Case for a Cause

Otterbox launched a new line of Strength cases today to benefit the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. A full 10% of the purchase price will go to this worthy cause so think about that when you accessorize your iPhone (or iPod…

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