An Open Letter to My Kids

Dear Kids, Since you always write to Santa just before Christmas to itemize the things you want to find under the tree, I thought I would take a page from your playbook and write to you before Mother’s Day. Naturally,…

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Better Last-Minute Shopping

I am pretty much done when it comes to Christmas shopping. But there is always a last minute item or two that escaped my advance-planning-and-take-advantage-of-free-shipping-and-online-sales campaign. It’s inevitable. I will probably think of it today since yesterday was free shipping…

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Flitting Past the Crowds

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I prefer shopping online to fighting crowds. (Especially if I get free shipping.) But sometimes – especially when shopping for clothes – locating the right item online can be frustrating. I know…

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Black Friday Warning

I have been literally pelted with announcements, predictions, and analysis of the year’s biggest shopping day – Black Friday, upcoming on Friday – and the year’s biggest online shopping day –CyberMonday, upcoming the Monday after turkey Day. This herd behavior…

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Grocery Shopping from My Desk

I’ve been trying to find time all week to go to Costco but haven’t managed it. So I thought this might be a good time to try out This grocery shopping site launched earlier this year, offers free shipping…

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A Day in the Life of My Wallet

8 am: “Mom, can I have some cash to buy a snack at school?” ($5) 3 pm: “Will you buy me some new shorts? These are dorky?” ($30) 3:30 pm: “Let’s get ice-cream!” ($10) 4 pm: “I just downloaded a…

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Can I Get Paid to Shop Online?

I have a long list of back-to-school supplies pinned to my bulletin board. I love to shop online but I usually haul the kids to Target and let them paw through the bins and select their own binders, pens, and…

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Ten Seconds to a Lower Price

This has been one crazy, busy week. And now it’s Friday and I just want to put my overtaxed brain on ice. But I have been neglecting my GGFs here all week so, before I do that, I want to…

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That Darn Fridge!

I have been writing about online shopping since the idea was pretty new. So over the years, I have bought just about everything online – either for myself or as research for an article: Jewelry, underwear, furniture, toys, cars, computers,…

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Save Money by Shopping Online

I am seriously into online shopping. I don’t mean that I buy a lot of junk I don’t need – at least not any more than any other overworked Mom on a budget. I buy everything I can – that…

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