6pm shoe sale

Do You Think the Internet is a Distraction?

Okay, I’m procrastinating. My to-do list has 29 projects and 473 tasks on it. And writing a blog post where I intentionally set out to use the Internet to distract you from productive work is not even on that list….

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childrens costumes

Handmade Halloween

I wandered through the massive Halloween decoration and costume section at Target last week and felt a little sad. Sad for the landfill that so much of this stuff is destined to clog in a few months. Sad that my…

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How to Carry a DSLR camera

    Carrying a tiny point-and-shoot camera is simple: Drop it in a pocket. But carrying a DSLR camera presents a more difficult puzzle. Stuffing it in a backpack means I’ll have it with me. But I’ll be unlikely to…

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Taking Books in the Water

I’m always trying to find more time for reading. I’m also always trying to find time to exercise. So to save time, I like to do both of these things at the same time. Since I hurt myself if I…

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Five Places to Shop for a Bargain

Even though I am on a tear to get rid of stuff and clutter, Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that makes me feel compelled to do a gift guide. I do love getting gifts on Mother’s Day —…

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Shopping Like a Geek

I have been trying out CheckPoints – The App That Pays You Back recently. Anyone else using it? It’s sort of like an in-store video game that pays cash. I’ve been having some data problems getting a good connection in…

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Need Stocking Stuffers?

I know it’s getting late but I always do stocking stuffers at the last minute. So if you are still a bit stumped for party exchanges or little things to throw in a stocking, here are a few things that…

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Shop for a Cause

I gave to charity yesterday while I was shopping with my sister and daughter. Later in the day, my sister and I went out on the town and I gave to charity while she and I looked at the sunset…

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A couple of Minty gifts

Remember when I was pestering Mint.com for an Android app? Well it worked! The company released it! And it’s free. I have been using the app for about a week now. And it does exactly what I hoped it would:…

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An Open Letter to My Kids

Dear Kids, Since you always write to Santa just before Christmas to itemize the things you want to find under the tree, I thought I would take a page from your playbook and write to you before Mother’s Day. Naturally,…

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