A Jacket with Pockets for All the Tech

  I love the OTG Jacket from SCOTTeVEST. We all live in a world where we carry our phone — and probably a wallet and keys — everywhere we go, right? But, for reasons I do not understand, women’s clothing…

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NextIssue: Netflix for Magazines

I am a magazine addict. I would subscribe to everything I could get my hands on if it weren’t for the clutter. And the cost. So I am thrilled with NextIssue, a all-I-can-read newsstand for my tablet. I run the Windows…

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The Hazards of Filing Taxes Online

For the past few weeks, I’ve spent every free minute and quite a few not-so-free minutes – time that I I will never get back! — doing taxes. I have complicated taxes, But after trying everything else to get out of it,…

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hard drive and water

When Will Your Hard Drive Die?

I’m always telling people to back up the data on their hard drives. But I know many people never get around to it. Maybe this video that shows — in slow motion —  how a hard drive works will help…

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Five Fine Things

I try out a lot of gear around here. It’s all part of the daily life of a tech journalist. It’s how I keep up, how I can recommend products at the drop of a hat when an editor calls…

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Getting Organized in the Cloud

I’m not very good at filing. I tend to pile things on the corner of my desk and hope they go away. This makes it difficult to find things later. But there seems to be nothing I can do to…

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