numbers in nature

Going to College via Tablet

My son will soon be a high school senior. So whenever he is willing to talk to his parents, we discuss where he wants to go and how he’s going to get there. I loved college. And he seems to be…

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Your Future Car Was Inspired by Fish

Very rarely do two of my favorite topics — the ocean and technology — come together to create something I can (someday, if I live long enough) drive. Yet it seems automotive engineers take inspiration from the ocean, too. I…

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Say Goodbye to Google Reader

This is very sad. Or so I’m told. I’m not a Google Reader user. And I guess I won’t be starting now. I was sad when Google killed off Google Health. And I worry about what this means for other…

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I Long for a Robot Housekeeper

I like to have a clean house. But I don’t like to clean it. I seem to have no choice in the matter. I either clean it or I watch it get dirtier and dirtier. So I don some ear buds …

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star trek still

Exciting! Star Trek Into Darkness App Available Now!

I know. I ‘m a dork. But I’ve been waiting for the app companion for the upcoming “Star Trek into Darkness” (opens in theaters everywhere May 17th, 2013). So I was super excited to get the announcement this morning. It’s…

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How Much is This Clutter Worth?

The video is an interesting examination of the American culture of clutter. Why do we feel so compelled to collect so much stuff? I have been using the newly launched (on iOS) eBay Mobile app to turn the clutter in…

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pageonce screen

A Handful of Financial Tools That Get Me Through the Day I rarely carry a checkbook anymore. What with the smart phone, tablet, and cosmetic purse, something had to go from my purse. I do sometimes stash a check in my wallet for piano teachers and other places that refuse…

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malibu moms

Meet the Malibu Moms

The folks at Chevrolet sent me this video showcasing the women who worked on the 2013 Chevy Malibu. I love it. And not just because I’ve been in that wind tunnel and the safety engineering room populated with crash-test dummies. I love it because…

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6pm shoe sale

Do You Think the Internet is a Distraction?

Okay, I’m procrastinating. My to-do list has 29 projects and 473 tasks on it. And writing a blog post where I intentionally set out to use the Internet to distract you from productive work is not even on that list….

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A Teachable Moment

If you are feeling sad over the passing of Steve Jobs – as are most of us are just now – and you have kids old enough to wonder why, maybe this is what we like to call in the…

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