I Have a Present for Your Mom

It’s hard to miss Mother’s Day, what with all the hype. But in case you are in danger of missing it, it’s coming up very fast. Sunday! It’s this Sunday. And you know what Mom wants? (In addition to a…

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A Month of Free Yoga and a Yoga Giveaway

Need a little “me” time? Trying to squeeze more exercise into a busy life. Me too. I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga lately. It’s crazy. But I’m turning into one of those crazy hot yoga people I once mocked. I wish, though, that I…

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Here’s $5 for You and a Better Way to Manage It

Kids and money. It’s not enough that the first one has an endless appetite for the second one. But these days you also have to figure out to supply kids with money that they can spend in the places they…

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from Matt Groening's incomperable portrayals of Life in Hell

Marriage, Taxes, and Security Software (I’m giving one of those away)

I just spent an absurd amount of time going through every scrap of my own financial information to file my taxes. It was awful! (But I’m done early for the first time ever! Thank you Mint and TurboTax!) Every minute I…

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A Case for Your Tablet (Giveaway!)

Remember when tablets were expensive and it was rare to see anyone sporting one? That is so last year. According to IDC, 52.5 million units sold worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2012. And that means everyone has one. (Well,…

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We Have a Winner!

Adam won my Windows Phone 8X by HTC giveaway and he is — not surprisingly — super happy about it. Congratulations Adam! Thanks to everyone who played. If you didn’t win — or missed the giveaway altogether — be sure…

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The Magic of the Smart Phone (And I’m Giving One Away!)

I’m reporting in from Las Vegas today where I’m attending CES 2013. Yep. I’m doing it again, even though every year I proclaim myself too tired to come back. Why? Because it’s like a crystal ball of the future. I…

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nesting wish list

Win $500 in this Home for the Holidays Wish List Contest

I am finding this run-up to the holidays completely overwhelming. My usual response to that feeling is to get organized so I can at least shut off my brain and sleep at night. If you have been following along here,…

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The Well Daily Free Flip Flops

A Free Pair of Flip-flops?

I like to use my technology to send me little daily reminders about my larger life goals. (In fact, I wrote a longer piece about some of the tools I use for this for Family Circle a while back.) So when…

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I’m Giving Away a Netbook!

Did you get a bed of roses on Valentine’s Day? A diamond ring? A trip to Paris? No? Me either. Would a new netbook help make up for it? Because I have one. And I’m giving it away. Maybe you…

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