Sleep Phones Bring Rest from Snoring and Barking Dogs

My husband snores. My dogs bark at animals that come too close to the house at night. Owls are loud. All of it wakes me up. I still manage to sleep but it’s often irritating sleep. So I was thrilled…

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Busy Day? Put One of These in Your Purse

  When I’m busy, I rely on my smart phone. So it’s always on a super busy day, that it decides to start demanding a charge at around dinner time. But I don’t want to stop and charge it. I…

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Planning a Tech-Free Vacation

My family started taking a tech-free vacation years ago. The first time, I persuaded my family it would be fun to hike to the top of the Smoky Mountains and stay at Le Conte lodge. (That’s a view from the…

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belkin charger

Traveling? Bring one of these.

I just spent a wonderful week in Stockholm. I went for #WindowsonLocation and stayed a couple of extra nights to tour the city. I never check a bag since a lost-baggage debacle a few years ago turned a trip from…

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stockholm street

There’s a Geek Pride Day?

I got a bit behind on email while I was traveling to Stockholm last week for #WindowsonLocation. What with all the sailing, eating of fabulous herring (I mean that seriously; there are a million ways to eat herring there and…

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A Month of Free Yoga and a Yoga Giveaway

Need a little “me” time? Trying to squeeze more exercise into a busy life. Me too. I’ve been going to Bikram Yoga lately. It’s crazy. But I’m turning into one of those crazy hot yoga people I once mocked. I wish, though, that I…

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Reading My Email from the Freeway

Okay, since has turned onto a mobile manners confessional this week — and I am so enjoying the show — I will admit that I’m writing this while traveling 70 miles per hour on I40 in North Carolina. (If…

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I’m Tempted By a Mini-Me Laptop

You all know how fond I am of my new laptop, right? So what will you think of me when I confess that I am experiencing a major crush on its Mini Me? Is that wrong? I just got in…

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Eskimo Art from Greenland

I had only a few hours to shop in Reykjavik last week and I already told you about my favorite store. But Kulusuk Art—a shop that imports traditional Eskimo creations from Greenland—was also a very sweet find. They sell online…

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My Favorite Store in Reykjavik

A week ago I could not claim to have a favorite store in Iceland’s capitol but today I can. Kraum is a collection of woolens, jewelry, purses, furnishings, and clothing, from more than 60 Icelandic artists and it is all…

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