voyager 5100

Tested in the GGF Labs: Plantronics Voyager 5200

Here in the Geek Girlfriends Lab, we have tried many Bluetooth phone headsets. I subject them all to the same rigorous test: How do they hold up to a conversation with my mother. Nobody is happier to hear my voice,…

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Talk to Your Daughter

  Like a lot of people with daughters, I am doing post-election triage. We just elected a man who bragged that he “grabs women’s pussies,” who has been accused multiple times of rape, has joked about dating his own daughter,…

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puro black

A Deal on Headphones That Will Save Your Hearing

“What? I can’t hear you,” you shout, annoyed at your friends’ sudden universal tendency to mumble. Has everyone lost the ability to speak clearly, you grumble, realizing that you sound like a crotchety old fogy. Before you assume it’s everyone…

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I Have a Present for Your Mom

It’s hard to miss Mother’s Day, what with all the hype. But in case you are in danger of missing it, it’s coming up very fast. Sunday! It’s this Sunday. And you know what Mom wants? (In addition to a…

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Swirl Razor

My Daughter Tries the High-Tech Venus Swirl™ Razor

This is a sponsored post. Thank you Gillette Venus for supporting my blog! The race to get out of the house and into traffic so we can crawl slowly to my daughter’s first-period class is behind us, our coffees are secured in…

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blendec elf

What I’d Like to Do with that Elf on the Shelf

This Elf on the Shelf thing — where you move an elf doll around the house so it can better spy on the kids — is one trend I’m glad I can take a pass on. I put a lot…

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hour of code

Why Don’t Schools Teach Coding?

When my son was 10, he started downloading Java script code to teach himself how to write and mod it. This was adorable. But being his mother, I thought I could help him find an easier way. I tried to…

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Gabe Zichermann

Charming Gamification Guy

I was just watching this Ted Talk by the charming Gabe Zichermann on the potential for learning in video games. Worried about your kids playing video games? Watch it. But I would just like to insert a moment of whining….

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App Design Competition for Middle and High School Students

Know a geeky student — or just one with a good idea for an app — or even a classroom full of them? The Verizon Foundation, with the Technology Student Association, is launching the second annual Innovative App Challenge. The mobile…

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Powering the Homework Table

  I love homework season. I know homework has it fans and opponents. And I’m not choosing sides there from an education point of view. I just love it that my two teens have to sit down in the homework…

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