too small to fail

It Is Time to Fix Education: Our Kids Are Too Small to Fail

Recently, my husband and daughter (14) enjoyed a raucous dinner conversation where she declared her love for Voltaire and jokingly attempted to work all of her recent vocabulary words — including misogyny, misanthrope, monogamy, and matriculate — into one sentence….

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Timmy and Alice

Facebook and Love

Have relationships gotten more complicated in the era of Facebook? Check out this retro dating advice video created by the folks at Big Fuel. (I posted it originally for Valentine’s 2010 but it’s still just as dated as ever.) You’ll…

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Teaching a Kid to Shoot

When my daughter was a messy, candy-hording eight-year-old, I took an expensive gamble and gave her a Nikon D40 DSLR camera. My husband was strongly opposed to this reckless act. Her room at the time looked as if she shared…

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Save the Classroom. Save the World.

The topic that got my number when I was visiting Intel last week, was education. Since this event was all about the women in technology, it was a topic that came up a lot. I have two kids and I…

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Spend Some Intel Money on Education

    I spent all day yesterday with the coolest, most inspiring group of geeky women and bloggers I have ever seen gathered together in one place. I was lucky enough to be invited to Intel’s Upgrade Your Life event,…

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