Some Audio Books Worth Listening To

I love getting books as gifts. And I love to give them. I am blessed with children who enjoy this as much as I do. So Christmas, as always, included a pleasant exchange of literary discoveries. But what’s even better…

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Men, Explained. (Women too.)

Taschen (the publisher) sent me a great little book — Yang Liu. Man meets Woman— yesterday. With few words, and only simple, graphic images, it does a tidy job of explaining some of the differences — cultural and psychological — between…

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sea change

On My Kindle: Sea Change

I occasionally choose books to read based on silly criteria – in direct opposition of my usual thorough examination of the author, a random three-page read test, and a look for recommendations at I just take a chance and…

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technologists screen

On My Kindle: The Technologists

I’ve worked my entire career in a field dominated by men. I haven’t really thought that much about it. My work is fun. The guys are – for the most part – an accepting and friendly bunch. Some of my…

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