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Big Sale on the Smart Robin Phone


Deal alert! Nextbit Robin for $199

I am intrigued by the Nextbit Robin. You won’t find it being pitched by your cell service provider. It isn’t brought to you by a ginormous profit-hungry corporation. And the phone is a bit outside the box. It runs on a souped-up Android that claims to learn as you use it. It is a direct-to-consumer smartphone from a rebellious startup. (I haven’t looked at one. I will soon.) And it claims to never run out of space because it uses a combo of cloud and phone memory to manage your data storage. It is normally $299. (Already a deal.) But it will be on sale on Amazon for $199 this Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23. As the pitch I got on this sale tells it, “Robin is unlocked, has a headphone jack, and doesn’t catch fire, making it a steal at a fraction of the cost of most phones on the market.” So…that also made me laugh. Yep.

I will take a look at the Robin and let you know what I think. But in case you, like many people, are walking around with a broken phone and would prefer to drop some coin on a new phone rather than a fix, I am here to alert you to the sale. If you get one, let us know what you think in the comments?