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Welcome to Geek Girlfriends. I’ll be your host. I am a technology writer and have been for too long to admit in public. I’ve written for all the big geek magazines and may be the only woman who can boast of having had a column in PC Magazine, PC World, and InfoWorld. (As well as Family PC and USA Weekend).  If you are now thinking, “Hmmm. Dubious distinction,” you have come to the right place. This is not a site for geeks. It’s a place for normal women who like technology but have grown weary of the sort of specs and speed jabber that usually surrounds it.

I also write the Family Tech column in Family Circle, which I hope you will run right out and check out.

This site is also a companion to my book, How to Be a Geek Goddess. If you don’t have a copy of it, you can order it here.

You don’t need the book to enjoy my site, though. (Though it makes a great gift!) This is where I weigh in on what’s new and interesting to me and my posse of girlfriends friends–geeky or not. We might decide it’s time to explain some new technology, share a tip we can’t live without, or talk about some new toy we love. I hope you’ll stay, come back often, and invite your girlfriends.

Christina Tynan-Wood


A note about the ads on this site.

This site is not motivated by profit. I do enjoy the occasional shoe shopping outing as a result of the ads on the site. (But only if you click on them and buy something .) But I make a living as a magazine writer.

But I want you to know that I don’t put any old ad up here. Every ad you see  on this site (with the exception of the Google Adsense ad on the home page) is for a product or merchant that I have personal experience with. In fact, if I don’t like the thing or the service, I won’t put an ad for it here. That would feel dirty. In most cases, I have used the product or I shop at the store advertised on a regular basis. In some cases, I have interviewed company principles as well. In rare cases, I have ONLY interviewed a high level executive and not actually used their product. But that last one is very rare and you can rest assured that it is on my to-do list to try that product if possible.

And if you ever have trouble with a product, merchant, or service you see advertised here — or anywhere really — I hope you will let me know. I will do what I can to resolve that problem. And it’s important to let other readers know about that sort of thing.

A note about the product reviews on this site:

Unless otherwise stated in the review, I never review products that I have not tried myself. In order to get possession of that much gear, I often — as in daily — receive review products from companies. Most of those I return. (I have a limited amount of space here what with all the shoes.) Occasionally, though, the company doesn’t want a product back. Most of the time, I give that stuff away. But on a rare occasion I do keep something myself — if I am completely in love with it AND the company doesn’t want it back. You don’t see many negative reviews here because if I don’t like something, I don’t review it at all — unless I feel a strong urge to warn you away from it.