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A Deal on Headphones That Will Save Your Hearing

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“What? I can’t hear you,” you shout, annoyed at your friends’ sudden universal tendency to mumble. Has everyone lost the ability to speak clearly, you grumble, realizing that you sound like a crotchety old fogy. Before you assume it’s everyone else, ask someone you trust: “Is it my hearing?” And be prepared for the answer. It might be. This doesn’t mean you are old. This is a modern problem. One in five teenagers suffers from hearing loss simply because they grew up wearing headphones.

Don’t wallow in regret. There is time to prevent further damage. First step: Switch to better headphones. These studio-grade, over-ear headphones from Puro Sound have a volume-monitoring system that tells you when the levels are safe or when they’re loud enough to harm your hearing. They deliver high-quality sound, which means you won’t have to turn up the volume to hear what you’re missing. They’re Bluetooth wireless, so you can listen without getting tangled up — they also connect with wires, if you prefer.  And they are deliciously absent inscrutable Bluetooth button-press codes or other oblique interface designs. They have cute, but clearly marked,  buttons. Best part? They are super cute, with soft leather wrapping, that don’t make you look like an urban-teen-wannabe or complete dork. I have a pair on my desk. I use them frequently, look cute doing it, and love them every time. 

On, no. Wait! The best part is the deal I got you on the Puro BT5200 over-ear headphones for adults. Go to Puro Sound Labs, drop a pair in your cart, and use the code GeekGirl15 at checkout. You will get 15 percent off the $130 price. Hurry. This code expires in two weeks.