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The Magic of the Smart Phone (And I’m Giving One Away!)

I’m reporting in from Las Vegas today where I’m attending CES 2013. Yep. I’m doing it again, even though every year I proclaim myself too tired to come back. Why? Because it’s like a crystal ball of the future. I find it hard to look away.

This year, the pre-show Keynote was delivered by the CEO of Qualcomm, Paul Jacobs. (Qualcomm also sponsored my trip to the show.) As he told us, “This is the first time this keynote has been given by a mobile company.” That fact is telling of how important to consumer electronics, mobile devices have become. You can watch the entire keynote yourself (here) if a star-studded look into what to expect in the next year from mobile technology from a guy with a Ph.D. in robotics and a job that puts him in something like a driver’s seat appeals. I certainly enjoyed it. It was an awesome star-studded show. How awesome? My teenagers are not speaking to me because I attended and they didn’t.

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer (15.38 minutes into the Webcast) showed up to explain why Qualcomm chips are important to the new Windows tablets and mobile phones. An adorable animated Dragon (24 minutes in) personified the Snapdragon processors Qualcomm makes. Filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro (with awesome clips from his new movie at 31 minutes in; I embedded his trailer above) explained why the Snapdragon chip is important to his work and films. Big Bird (59 minutes) talked about his new app because it uses Qualcomm technology. Actress Alice Eve (70 minutes) came out to talk about the Star Trek app that will let fans engage with the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie because that, too leverages Qualcomm innovations. The event closed with a quick appearance from Maroon 5, which allowed me to text my 13-year-old a photo of one of her favorite bands.

So CES is a blast. But listening to Jacobs’ break it down was like asking the Wizard to come out from behind his curtain and explain the magic that runs the Emerald City. I know. I’m a geek. But that’s why I’m a geek: I love the magic.

If you don’t consider yourself a geek, you might tune out when people toss around terms like Vuforia, Alljoyn, Gimbal, or any of the other technologies Jacobs talks about in the Keynote. But I’m betting you like magic, too. Who doesn’t? That’s what made all those Hogwarts adventures so popular, right?

When someone waves a wand (even if it happens to look like a smart phone) and makes stuff happen that amazes – especially if you don’t understand how it works – that’s magic. So that’s why I keep coming to this show. Every year someone invents something that a past me would have thought impossible. It just keeps happening every year.

I predict that those kids at Hogwarts will soon be trading in those silly wands for smart phones to keep up.

If you watched the keynote (even if you fast forwarded to get it down to three minutes) and don’t have a smart phone, you might be feeling a bit left out about now.

But who’s your Geek Girlfriend?! That’s right. I am. And Qualcomm has offered to give one of my readers a spiffy Windows Phone 8X by HTC. This is a beautiful phone, full of all kinds of magic. It’s fast, has that cute Snapdragon chip, takes fantastic photos (even in low light), syncs everything in the cloud, and is super easy to use. It’s also thin and light but sports a screen big enough to see.

Qualcomm is giving away 100 of them to people who attended the keynote. But you don’t have to fly to Vegas and go back in time to win one. Just tell me – in the comments below – why you want it. And if you are in a hurry to get me to pull a winner, spread the word. Because I’m not doing that until the comments are good and crowded.

Good luck!


  1. Nice to have found other Geek Girls who blog about tech.

    I want a Windows HTC 8x to show the iPhone and Android users what the future of computing looks like. Everything is going mobile.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I’ve never attended CES, but I follow it each year to see what the latest technology is. It’s always fun to see what is coming down the pipeline. I’d love the Windows phone because it would bring me into the 21st Century. That’s the century we’re in right now, isn’t it, LOL!

  3. Geeky girls love new phones!

  4. My phone is so outdated I’m embarrassed to pull it out. Winning the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. will pull me into the 21st century. I’d proudly use this phone in public. I love the look and speed of it. It would be quite an upgrade. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Make me Smile till my cheeks hurt! I wanna win a Cool Phone! I still have an old flip phone. Embarrassing to answer it in public. :) #Qualcomm #WindowsPhone8XbyHTC

  6. I could use a new phone. My 1 yr old phone keeps on freezing and lagging badly that it is a pain to keep on rebooting everytime. I didnt get the warranty so I have to live with this for another year before I upgrade. It is great to win a new tech to keep up to date with the technology or I will be left behind. Thanks for this giveaway. Im sure this is a triband which can be used international which is also beneficial.

  7. I’ve got an ancient phone that is undesirable that it was discarded by a thief recently!! I would love to replace it with something up to date and beautiful and that would have to be the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. WOW, that would be magic.

  8. I just really, really want it coz it’s shiny and new and windows 8 and HTC & looks absolutely gorgeous and soooo cool! Plus isn’t Snapdragon a great name for a chip ?

  9. i want to win the windows phone 8x by htc because i am sick of ios and android. they both have given me so many problems in the past and it seems like windows 8 mobile is the way to go. i love the tiles and the integration that it has with my computer and xbox. my current phone is over 2 years old and has a cracked screen. i cannot afford to get a new one right now because my now ex-wife left me and took all of our stuff with her while i was away traveling for work. this phone would help me out a lot and maybe even help get me back on my feet and started again. i have also been unemployed for about 3 months and need a new job and a new phone would help keep me organized and on time to all my interviews and meeting and hopefully help me get a new job. they will see the new phone i have and how organized i am because of it and just give me a job (lets hope that is the case). anyways thanks for the opportunity to win a new phone and i hope i win.

  10. HTC WP8X looks slick, feels sturdy and very light. Its the most beautiful handset out there. +Windows UI is very user friendly, stable and fast to use. also WP8 feels more like an advanced work communication tool. Its combined good looks and functional features. I really love it and need it…

  11. I would love to replace my old phone with one of these.

  12. I would really love to have one of these most awesome devices, my whatcha ma call it doesn’t even hold a charge anymore :( and mama needs something nice and shiney that will make me feel important like :)

  13. I would love to win because I am a busy mom of 4 boys. I don’t buy anything for myself and I am still doing appointments on a calendar. I would love to be able to keep track of everything and look stylish and hip!

  14. I would love to win that phone for my sister, she has a TERRIBLE phone! I actually hate talking on the phone with her-and I LOVE talking to my sister!

  15. Windows Phone 8X by HTC has it all and can do it all: Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and Windows 8 – and it looks awesome.

  16. I’ve been admiring this device for quite sometime and love where Windows phone is going. It has the best hardware using Qualcom and now with new Windows Phone software it’s an unbeatable combination!! I WANT ONE!

  17. Not to be (super) greedy, but I have HTC’s Titan Windows phone and love it. I am so ready after having this for almost a year and a half to upgrade to this new HTC Windows Phone 8X so I can be even more productive and responsive than my current phone makes me. Love the Windows Phone interface and I know the new HTC phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon technology will be even better!

  18. I would love a new phone. I have an Iphone and I am not wildly happy about it. Unlike my friends with an HTC!

  19. I need one to replace my sons old phone.

  20. I’m on the fence regarding upgrading my phones to Windows or Android. I’m researching back and forth and while this just might make the decision for me. Looking for the latest and greatest with of course the Snapdragon processor intact. Something to definitely streamline the process…

  21. I would love to be selected! I’ve got a Motorola droid that takes lousy pictures! I’d like to be able to use my phone for on the go pics as well as internet and texts.

  22. I want a HTC 8X because I am a huge fan of HTC, I’m on my third one, and I think the 8X trumps anything else on the market.

  23. The past few phones I’ve bought have been horrible! I miss texts and calls, I have to reboot them at least once a day, and on and on…. I’d looovvveee a smartphone that is actually “smart” and does what it’s supposed to!

  24. I am a techy gadget fan. I have enjoyed checking to see what is new at CES. Maybe some day I will be able to make it to CES. I really could use a new cell as my crapy LG shuts off on me. I am always worried if the kids school needs to get ahold of me that me phone is going to work. All of the information on the Windows 8 looks so awesome.. I would use the phone for making calls, texting, and taking great pictures even in low light. i also love that it is super easy to use. Thank you so much for the chance.

  25. I am an organizer for my local Game Jam in Texas and would like to give the phone away to a team working on a WP8 game.

  26. I really like what HTC came up with for the design of the 8X, it doesn’t look like a me too phone and all those bright colors….really nice to see more than the regular white and black slabs you get these days. And then there is Windows Phone 8, which like the phone its running on looks like no other OS out there. That’s why I’d want to win this phone!

  27. i dont have a phone as mine went missing i asked my 4 year old daughter where it was she pointed to the garden i said show me so she took me for a walk down the bottom of the garden and pointed at the pond and said there daddy she through it inn the pond when it vibrated lol kids dont ya love em so i would realy appreciate a new phone if ime lucky enough to win great comp tho
    kind regards

  28. I’d like to see how magical and wonderful Windows phones are, and whether the Metro UI is easier and more fun to use than iOS and Android.

  29. I am frustrated with iPhone 3gs and I would love to use bigger phone like HTC with Big Icons!!!!

  30. I want it because I’m stuck in a contract and I need a new and cool phone.

  31. i want to win because i am in desperate need for a phone

  32. The most amazing accessory for a smart geeky girl does not come from a makeover or from some pretty thing handing on her arm, it comes in the form of a magic prize from the most amazing smart geeky girlfriend on the planet.

  33. I need this great HTC to make phone calls, send texts and surf the web

  34. I’m gadget freak and am interested in anything to do with technology however a limited budget (and time) does not allow me to be successful enough to keep up with the rapid pace that gadget come out and attend events such as CES which is a geek’s wet dream! I’ve always been intrigued by the Windows mobile system and its phones and with recently switching to a SIM only mobile phone contract I’m stuck with an old clunky Android which needs urgent upgrading!

  35. I need to win it because my 8 year old Alltel flip phone in aqua blue that I love very much will no longer work come March 2013, according to the latest e-mail from verzion my carrier. I am very sad because I love ole’ blue. But as long as I’m going to have to upgrade might as well go for the big time! That is all I have .I would try to be witty but Mike the Martain up there ↑ was pretty funny…Men are from Mars!

  36. Please pick me! I’m a small business owner and things have definitely been financially tough the last few years. I have a cell phone but haven’t been able to afford to upgrade to a smart phone yet (even though it would be very helpful in my business). I was thinking about doing it recently and then needed new tires for my car and a new hard drive after mine failed… thank goodness I back up regularly or my business may not have survived! Anyway, a free Windows phone 8X by HTC would revolutionize my life and my business by giving me access to the internet when I’m away from my office or don’t have my computer for other reasons such when I was stranded in NJ for 3 days without power during Superstorm Sandy and then again when my hard drive failed. These days a smart phone is almost mandatory to be successful in a client-driven business such as mine. Also, in an effort to supplement my income I have launched an e-commerce business and a smart phone would help me test the website pages I build to make sure they look right on a phone since more and more people are using mobile devices such as phones to do everything including shop. Thanks for considering me for this great give-away! Please pick me!!

  37. You see when the Martians invaded Earth, we found that they used Apple phones.
    “We are from the red planet. Apples are red. It makes sense, yes?”
    They created a virus that fried any Apple phone not in the possession of a Martian, as well as wiping out all of the Android phones.
    “We do not like this ‘little green man’ symbolism! Just because we fly very big spaceships does not mean that we are compensating for anything! Anything! Do you understand?”
    Of course the Martians skipped wiping out the Windows phones.
    “They have no market share and come in colors that look like a Lego set on acid!”
    Although the Earth forces eventually defeated the Martians, their utilization of Apple maps pretty much doomed them from the start.
    “How do we get to the gas station on top of the skyscraper?”
    I have foreseen all of this by rereading the prophecies of Nostradamus, while ingesting mass quantities of beer and forgetting my medication.
    Therefore I truly need this phone to help defeat the Martian invasion of Earth.

  38. I want this truly magical HTC phone because I’m tired of my old not-magical iPhone. Apple said it was magical, but methinks it was just magical thinking. Thank you!

  39. yes, i want that smart phone, give it to me for free. i love android smart phone, but i also love free stuff

  40. A new phone – for free?! Who said the best things in life are free? Connecting with family and friends, that’s what a smart phone is all about! Thanks for the offer.

  41. I’d lov to win this phone so I can give it to my wife and get her out of the feature phone dark ages.

  42. I want to win this wonderful phone because I need it! I still live in the dark ages with an ancient phone which has the numbers and letters worn off. It’s hit or miss trying to call someone unless I have their number saved as a contact. :)

  43. I have a confession to make: I use a very old, (refurbished when I bought it) pre-paid cell phone. A flip phone, for pete’s sake. It’s kind of humiliating to pull it out in public, actually. But I wouldn’t feel that way if I had the gorgeous 8X!

  44. I meant… *me not NE….. see my phone and I really don’t get along!

  45. I don’t want to win, I *need* to win! For my job as a social media service provider I’m a slave to my phone as I am having to respond across various social channels on behalf of my clients on the go. I’m currently a slave to the two year Verizon contract, refusing to give them an extra penny, but my existing DROIDX2 is beyond exhausted and seriously depleting my productivity and my patience! From one geeky girl to another, I beg you, please put NE out of my smartphone misery!

  46. I’ve been reading about all the new magical products coming out of CES and you are so lucky to be able to go and report back to all of us about what you see and hear! Thanks for always keeping us informed. I would love to replace my text and talk only phone with a smart phone. All the information about Windows 8 looks promising and I know HTC is a quality brand. What a great giveaway!!!

  47. My dad is at CES right now, as well (speaking, too!), and he just got this phone before heading out there. He loves it. I’m ready to retire my iPhone 4 (the gadget every 12-year-old got this holiday season- wait, they got the 4S, didn’t they?), but don’t want to spend $$ on a new smartphone.
    Yay for this giveaway!
    Great article- I look forward to more reports!

  48. For years I’ve wanted to attend CES and I have yet to make it. But I will. Just not this year. I appreciate that geeky girls like you can attend and share the magic (and smartphone giveaways) with us! I have an older version of the iPhone and as much as I love it an upgrade would be awesomesauce (as @Unmarketing) would say.

  49. Would love to have a Windows phone for my 12 year old daughter who is still tapping away kn the old flip phone. She uses my android as much as possible and texts from it because it is so much easier. You would make a 12 year old girl’s day. And I would be mom of the year!!!

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