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Carry Your Stuff Giveaway


Case Logic sent me the cutest accessories to check out a couple of weeks ago. I fell instantly in love with the DLBP 14″ Laptop Backpack (above). I’ve tried dozens of ways to carry a laptop¬†–¬†and a few essentials to get me through the flight –on a plane without using up my carry-on limit. But most bags are too small to fit what I need, too awkward to get at while crammed into the seat, or so big there is no room for me in the tiny seat. This was just right. I had easy access to everything I needed on a recent flight and it fit neatly under the seat in front of me so I could put my carry-on wheeled case in the overhead. And when suffering through a layover in the airport I could wear it on my back or rest it on my suitcase as I shopped, grabbed a meal, or ran to my next flight. I could feel the looks of envy from travelers carrying inadequate and back-destroying bags as I moved effortlessly around with my easy-to-sport system.

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Here it is packed (with a laptop, sunglasses, Android phone, hardcover book, and magazine) so you get a sense of size (that is a plain black 14″ laptop with a Gelaskin making it pretty). There is still plenty of room for a sweater, snack, small bag of liquids, and water bottle (empty to get through security):


Along with this just-about-perfect backpack – in a stunning red – Case Logic sent a camera case that fits my little Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot camera perfectly so I could toss it in my purse (or the laptop backpack) without worrying it would get smeared with lipstick. They call this little number the UNZB-2.


And, for any of my readers who recently got an iPad, the company sent me the clever IPADW – 101 Water-resistant iPad sleeve to give away. It protects your goods but lets you see the screen — and even use it — right through the cover.


Post a comment to win the iPad case! I’ll use to pull a winner before next weekend.


  1. bluegrassnash says:

    Love the bag and that iPad sleeve is awesome. They would both come in very useful. Thanks for sharing the great finds!

  2. Coupons says:

    eBags is definitely one of the better online stores out there for bags and accessories. You picked out some great items for everyone!

  3. Melissa says:

    i love these red accesssories – fun! these ipad sleeves are very useful. i had something like this..i used it some much, it wore out.

  4. Lynn says:

    These are great items – would love to have them all! The red colors are super eye-catching and I love the idea of a spill-proof case for my iPad – I could totally see my water bottle spilling on mine like Jill mentioned!

  5. Heidi Haines says:

    Fabulous items – this is a really useful post, as always, but even more so! All the items I have been looking for. Thanks for that!

  6. Susan says:

    I love the bags and especially love the eye-catching red.

  7. sandi says:

    Way too cool. Love the red.

  8. Barb S says:

    As my iPad has become my go-to cookbook, that waterproof sleeve would be great to protect it from kitchen spatters.

  9. Felicia says:

    What a cute bag! I love the color!

  10. Cool! I am always worried about keeping my gadgets dry…. I almost killed my camera by getting it wet; definitely don’t want to do that again to any of my stuff!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I’m Elizabeth and I’m a bag-a-holic…Love the reds and clears. What a cool concept. Jill brings up a good point…I’m often shoving everything together without the thought of spillage.
    Cool stuff, as always!

  12. Carla Spurgeon says:

    Awesome carry on items! Love the Ipad sleeve! Wonder if they make them for the Nook Color as well?

  13. Most people will probably assume that water-resistant sleeve would only be for times you want to use your iPad near water… but my first reaction was that perhaps that could have saved me! I got my first iPad last summer, shortly after they were released. And then I went to a conference… and my water bottle broke open in my bag and drowned my iPad. Not only did I become known as the “gal who destroyed an iPad” at the conference, I was also the first person that called apple having destroyed an iPad with water. It was a major bummer…

    The camera case & backpack are great shades of red!

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